Airport Cable Administration Tool

AIR-CAT supports the documentation and development of lighting systems. It reduces the documentation efforts, improves the data quality and facilitates numerous work processes for the maintenance of the airfield lighting as well as the planning of construction measures.

Integrated Data


By integrating spatial CAD files with the lighting date, many work processes can be supported.


Mobile Cable Administration Client

Using the MOCA client on a tablet, you can access and edit cabling data throughout the airport. Even if you don’t have connection while being inside a manhole, the client can be used through the intelligent online/offline function.



Orientation at ease

The integration of online maps makes it easier to find your way around the airfield and to understand the interrelationships of the lighting circuits.



Optimized for mobile usage

All functions of the MOCA client are optimized for the harsh working conditions inside the cable ducts.

Team work



Ticket management

Integrated ticket management allows a better coordination of works as well as automated assignment to teams with necessary data.

Further functions of AIR-CAT are e.g. inventory management, reporting, coordination of service providers and much more. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further informations and questions.